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Bring home a part of Edinburgh’s unique style with original paintings, ceramics, jewellery by Edinburgh artists you won't find anywhere else. We also have art-related events and live music, making your visit a memorable experience.


Lesley Skeates

Lesley Skeates Fringe 2019

Lesley Skeates Fringe 2019

Lesley lives in Edinburgh and enjoys the great outdoors and will complete her smaller work in situ to capture the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere. Lesley has been influenced by the light effects of the Impressionists, the dark forests of Carl Schuch and Gustav Klimt, the immersion in nature by the Canadian Tom Thomson and the 'Group of Seven'. Lesley Skeates

Penny Hodson

Penny Hodson Cat Fringe 2019

Penny Hodson Self portrait Fringe 2019

Penny Hodson is an Edinburgh (Abbeyhill) based artist who produces portrait, wildlife and landscape work. She has in the past worked on mural paintings, paint effect projects, mosaics and made props and scenery for the theatre. She has also worked as an architectural model maker. Penny mainly works in watercolour and acrylic. She exhibits her work locally and undertakes commissions. Penny Hodson

Stuart Norman

Stuart Norman Fringe 2019

Stuart Norman Fringe 2019

Stuart lives in Kelso but grew up in Cupar where he was taught by Will Maclean. An active member of Smailholm Art Group (with Anthony Cawthorne). He paints in acrylics, oils, pastels and watercolours and currently attends a yearlong Landscape painting course at Leith School of Art. Stuart was short listed in the RBS “views of Edinburgh” competition in 2016. Stuart Norman

Veronika MCKerrell

Veronika McKerrell Fringe 2019

Veronika McKerrell, Meadows Fringe 2019

Veronika is an abstract Canadian artist living in Edinburgh. She works with multi-media tools with the aim to encourage the viewer to actively participate and engage with her work. Her, inspiration comes during hiking and interaction with surroundings. It is an exploration of the landscape and structure, emotional connection and reflection. Veronika’s painting is often a spontaneous and intuitive process. Veronika MCKerrell

Live Music: all concerts 6pm to 7pm

Cera Impala (Tue 06/08/19 & Fri 16/08/19)

Cera Impala Fringe 2019

Cera Impala creates songs that feel instantly familiar. Her whiskey-honeyed voice and intimately crafted pieces take you to another time and place, of dreams and magic, sensual as they are savage. In 2018, Cera debuts a new project; Delightful Squalor with Lake Montgomery. Cera latest album: Tumbleweed, takes listeners around the world and back into the heart of the woods. Cera Impala

Delightful Squalor (Thu 15/08/19 & Thu 22/08/19)

Delightful Squalor 500x Fringe 2019

An authentic American duet of singer song-writers Lake Montgomery and Cera Impala, Delightful Squalor is way of life. Delightful Squalor is a celebration of 'less is more', a sweet and savoury something to fill the heart with song and light. They craft timeless original, jazz, blues and folk songs to help sooth daydreams along a road of country and gospel. Delightful Squalor

Lake Montgomery (Tue 13/08/19)

Lake_Montgomery Fringe 2019

Lake Montgomery is a singersongwriter from Paris, Texas. Backed by a love for old blues and showtunes, she performs her own intimate stories with a hint of fury. In childhood, her musical awareness developed in old negro church-house gospel, her mother's funk&soul collection, and hyms hummed by her grandmother. In adulthood, Nina Simone reins over most of her musical mind Lake Montgomery

Lizabett Russo (Fri 23/08/19)

Lizabett Russo Fringe 2019

Scotland-based singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo merges her native traditions with contemporary jazz, avant-garde folk and world music, and a range of influence effortlessly spanned by her powerfully versatile voice. Echoes of her native Romania are beautifully interwoven with avantgarde folk, contemporary jazz and world music. Lizabett featured on BBC Radio 3 and Radio 6 and the BBC stage at Latitude Festival Lizabett Russo

Ragazzi Quintet (Sat 24/08/19)

Ragazzi Quintet Fringe 2019

This enthusiastic Dutch quintet was formed in the north eastern village of Drenthe where its members originally met at the Orvelte’s children's chamber music course. Since then they have started arranging, composing, rehearsing, as well as improvising. Ragazzi Quintet have a versatile program of klezmer, jazz, pop, rock, tango, blues, minimal and classical, that make every performance an unforgettable experience. Ragazzi Quintet (Dutch)

Summit (Fri 09/08/19)

Summit Fringe 2019

Originating from Paisley, Summit is composed of four musicians, each from totally different musical backgrounds. They decided to merge their styles in order to form a dynamic rock band that offer a refreshing take on both new and old-style rock. Summit’s following is growing and they’ll be adventuring outside the west coast of Scotland to play their first Edinburgh’s Fringe. Summit (facebook)

The Countess of Fife (Sun 04/08/19, Sun 11/08/19, Sun 18/08/19 & Sun 25/08/19)

Countess of Fife Fringe 2019

The Countess of Fife is an insurgent and engaged country project by singer/writer Fay Fife (The Rezillos/The Revillos) and guitarist Allan Mcdowall (So You Think You're A Cowboy). They draw from country, punk, early R & B, gospel, soul, girl group music and The Beach boys. The Countess of Fife has a flexible line-up, collaborating with friends and like-minded musicians. The Countess of Fife

Toby Mottershead (Sat 03/08/19)

Toby Mottershead Fringe 2019

Steel guitar player, singer, and raconteur, Toby Mottershead takes a tour of early blues and roots music in an intimate solo show, featuring his extraordinary knowledge of American music from early 20th Century. He has the uncanny ability to bring it back to life: jug bands, juke joints and the, Barrel house sounds of the Delta and the Hill Country. Toby Mottershead (facebook)

Viper Swing (Fri 02/08/19,& Thu 08/08/19)
Special: Saturday 17/08/2019 from 21;00 to 22;00)

Viper Swing Fringe 2019

Edinburgh-based Viper Swing plays hot string jazz: infectious rhythms, joyful improvisations, and gravelly vocals blend to evoke the swing-era spirit of the 1920's, 30's, and 40's. Their repertoire includes works from Django Reinhardt, songs from the Great American Songbook, and original compositions--along with swing arrangements of modern pop songs (Michael Jackson, Abba, and Daft Punk, to name a few). Viper Swing

Entrance ticket: £10.00 at the door

Late concert 17th of August @ 21:00

Come and join us and Viper Swing for Woodstock's 50th-anniversary celebration. 

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